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I see all these circles of friends, having conversations OOC

And I'm just there, all like, "... So, how 'bout that roleplay?"

Guys, how do I friendship.


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Gilbert Beilschmidt
((A plz account that also doubles as an RP, Ask, and Headcanon account.))

Prussia is loud, snide, sarcastic, and downright rude. He delights in being the center of attention and always has a comeback lined up for anything that comes his way. His snarky attitude gets him in trouble with the other nations, but despite that, he's the most popular motherfucker in the series. He adores picking fights with anyone he thinks he can provoke, and dearly loves playing pranks on unsuspecting nations. He currently resides in Germany's basement, and drags his younger brother out for whatever scheme he has planned next whenever the mood strikes him. Germany follows because... well, no one else has the patience to put up with his brother like he does. Despite being a generally cheerful and obnoxious character, it proves to be more of a front than his actual personality. Prussia is proven to be overprotective over those he loves, with a monumental sense of responsibility and actually harbors a lot of secret feelings about the kind of man he claims to be. He thinks entirely too much, preferring to drown out incessant thoughts with insane stunts, acts, and pranks.

~ Random Headcanons ~

Prussia has a secret aristocratic side; he can ponce it up as well as Austria if he so chooses to.

He plays the flute, violin, and even piano exceptionally, and even knows how to waltz. Though he'd die before admitting any of these skills...

He actually adores giving nicknames to people. If you ask nicely, he might just come up with something for you~

He claims France's wine is for pansies, but it can actually get him drunk fairly quickly

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, he’s become pretty soft, likely from his age/lack of an actual country. Like, if he goes outside and kids are running around his feet, he won’t chase them down the street screaming and cursing like before. (Yes, he did that, and Ludwig was charged for it.) He’s gotten a newfound patience, although it’s still a bit limited.

He enjoys bubble baths and has a rubber Gilbird

Recently, he's been trying to bake, learning little things from France and going on to try and attempt them himself. These generally end in disaster and a very sticky mess for Germany to clean up. But Prussia always says he's sorry. Even as he's planning to make a strawberry shortcake next.

His extremely guilty pleasure is chick flicks.

He’s very nostalgic and thoughtful and tends to think too much. It depresses him easily, so he makes up for it by talking a lot and talking loudly, mainly to drown out his own thoughts.

He is a self-proclaimed blanket fort genius. He’s even employed Germany and Italy to help him.

He has an ass tattoo that says “you can’t spell ‘AWESOME’ without ‘ME’.”

If it ever snows, he goes all-out. He makes elaborate forts and uses wagons to go and “take over” the neighbors’ front yards for their snow.

He suffers from insomnia, passing the sleepless hours of unrest with books, and lots of them. Despite expressing contempt for bookworms, he actually has a habit of devouring novels. He especially likes Harry Potter, and even dragged Germany out to see the movies.

He has a Tumblr account, where he reblogs anything and everything pertaining to himself.

Around children, he's like the cool uncle all the kids love. Even if he acts like they're little monsters, he'll gladly give any amount of his time to play with them and teach them the finer points of being awesome early on.

~ More coming soon ~

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Thanks, Scotty ))
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